Forbidden 35th

|Interactive|Processing|600×600|HongKong | 2014 | Color | 


Nothing happened in the year before 90s.
Fireworks were in the square.
They lighted firecrackers.
Students gathered and cheered.
Headed up to the ever greatest.
A fantasy for the red sun, the ever reddest sun.
Roses filled the ground.
The wall was red, roses were dead.
No guns, no bullets.
No guns, no bullets.
And they stepped on the roses.

It was the forbidden 35th.
Walking along the road, what a sunny day.
The greatest city was peace and never ever so clean.
They told me the truth,
And hear them whispering to us.

You should keep silence and listen.
Cuz I am the one.
You should obey.
I give you all you need.
You should be controlled.
I am the authority with harmony.

Yes I love this land.
But she is always the coldest land of red.


There are few variables for this work: the more ‘left’ or ‘right’ you move you input. It leads to a faster or slower moving of words. However, the slower the text moves, the darker the screen is.

This is a non-linear storytelling with every text almost unreadable. The fleshing words are bullets which you can never catch. The closer you look at it the faster the bullets come. The farer you go the darker it comes. It was the history.

A poem based on 35th of May. A metaphors of the forbidden city and forbidden history. We are now in a time that blood must spread for the freeing of justice and history. There is always an option of leaving history unknown. The bullets may stop but it will be the ever darkest time.

This is a try to text a form of very narrow reading. Audience almost cannot read the text. They can choose how ‘right’ to leave the ‘left’ to see the history. They are required to find the balance to read the content. It is non-linear but depends on how audience contribute to the viewing game.

We always have a choice to ignore the history. It is always tough to look through it, sometimes even leads to death from the red. I try to make an interactive form rather than a linear plot based structure to present a metaphor of history and situations of looking at history.


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