All Work and No Play

|Mixed Media Live Performance|Hong Kong|2015|Printer|Laptop|Stethoscopes|Clip Mics|Live Mixer|Speakers

Intensity, loneliness, stress, depression, repeating, photocopied, do these words sums up our daily life? I find no difference with Jack when I look back to my life.

In the first minute I keep quiet and show the audience my life by sharing my heartbeat. You and myself sense the ‘alive’.

Then I started to work. Very soon sounds of computer, feedbacks, printer covers my heartbeat. They are there, but you ignored it unconsciously. I focus on typing, fixing the printer, controlling the inevitable feedback, and I lose the tracing of my heartbeat. I am alive but I do not feel alive.

The last stage, the printer started to freak out, printing papers, yell likes monster. We work until die. The mic swing around the speaker, and feedback comes and goes. My heartbeat is fading out, at the feedback is stronger and stronger. It makes me think of electrocardiogram. It is a count down of life.

At last, only noise exist but you don’t.

And when you hear the amplified noise from computer and printers that usually unconsciously surrounds you for minutes, you realize how these subtle soulless sound is killing us day by days


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