Pictogram: A transmedia study of Steina and Woody Vasulka’s Noisefield No.2

Video Artist
| Programming Generated Video | 960×320 | Hong Kong | 2016 | 11’22” | Color | Sound |

Concepts only exist in the mind (or conscious) of author and viewers but not in the image itself.

This is a program generated video by sorting the color data from the work Noisefield (1974) by Steina and Woody Vasulka. Noisefield let the analog visual and audio signal speak for themselves. This studies the machinery and physicality of videography. In my work, I study in two directions: the form and the viewing experience.

How do we interpret the language of videography? Can we call it a language? Pictogram is a system of presenting certain kind of logic by visual. In a more precise way, every language I believe they are pictogram but in a more systematic and massive way of existing.

So the color data is the most objective way for a video. In analog age we may not manipulate the signals. Now we can manipulate every pixel. Lets take the color as the physicality of the video. The way is constructed is just based on certain kind of logic. In the original work it is the analog signals, particles, electrons, or tapes, wires. Now it is the 1s and 0s, numbers of pixels. By manipulating the pixel, I use the same amount of color arranged by different logic. This is the experiment of the form.

What can be the meaning of experiment of the form is affecting our viewing experience. To our eyes we are seeing the same amount of color but the way it arranged is processed in a different, thus our brains process them in a different way. Does it mean that the world’s existent is neutral but what important to human is the way we perceive it?

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