【Xaverians for Marist】昆仲恩 兩濟情

|Promotional | Hong Kong | 2017 | Color | 04’01” | Sound |

SFX Schools

修會創立貮百載 昆仲來港六十年 校友齊心獻磚瓦 活化宿舍樂延綿

Back in 1949, the Marist Brothers came to HK, built on rubbles, and step by step founded the two SFX schools to continue their mission of educating the youth. For more than 60 years since then, the Marist Brothers have dedicated their lives touching numerous young souls, spreading knowledge, and inculcating the love of God. They made the schools a place of friendship, brotherhood, and a loving “HOME” away from home.

Evidently, the Brothers have been leading a very frugal and simple life, and their residence has weathered the wear and tear since 1950’s without any major renovation. While the sadness of Rev Bro Bosco leaving us last year brought us reflections on his kindness of teaching, we also came to realise the under-renovated conditions of the Brothers’ dwelling place, and thus a pressing need to revitalise their quarters. May we take this chance to call for all Xaverians’ support to join effort in a revitalisation project, to improve the living environment of the serving and retired Brothers?

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