Mind 《念》

Video Artist
| DVD Video Album | Video Installation | 8 CRT Monitors | Mixed Media | Hong Kong | Colour | Sound | 2016 |

<Be There – Design Festival> by dtby_, Hong Kong
<Visions: Student Film Compilation> by Groundup Film Society and Haiton Art Center, Taiwan
<South Island Art Day – Studio Opening and Artist Talk> by South Island Cultural District, Hong Kong
<Island South Art Basel Event> by Art Basel and ADC Artspace, Hong Kong
<SCM Annual 2016>, Hong Kong

Website: https://mindvideography.wordpress.com
DVD Album Preview: https://vimeo.com/album/3936119
**DVD for sale during exhibitions and online pre-order on request**


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< MIND > is a video album to experiment the gradient between abstraction and rationale.
From the purest seeing experience of ‘Light as Pigment’, to the purest receiving of words in ‘pure reading’, the level of abstraction and interpretation collide, coherence, rebel and leads you to an experience of gradient.

由最抽象的《以光作畫》漸進地走向最只能被理解的《純粹閱讀》,是一個感官經驗和理性之間的光譜。 「樹木本無意義,是人所賜的意義,最後也殊途同歸。」



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