【Freshwave 鮮浪潮 2017】 Morning《無念》

Director, Script Writer
|Short Film|Hong Kong | 2017 | Color | 25’59” | Sound |

Film Festivals, Awards and Screenings

《Image Forum Festival 32nd》, East AsianExperimental Competition, Japan
《IFVA 23rd Awards 獨立短片及映象媒體比賽》, Open Category Jurist Special Mention, HK
《Freshwave International Short Film Festival 鮮浪潮國際短片電影節》, HK
《We Are From Fresh Wave 鮮浪潮.語》, ViuTV, HK
《Having a Balanced Diet – no more “experimented experimental moving images” screening 日常飲像影食:再沒有被實驗了的影像》, Floating Project, HK
《South Taiwan Film Festival 南方影展》, Nomination of Best Experimental Film and Emerging Director, Taiwan
《Formosa International Film Festival Awards 福爾摩沙國際電影節》, Jurist Special Mention, Taiwan
《Indie Roaring! 音獨吶喊!》, Concert Featuring, HK
《Ground Up Hong Kong Student Film Festival 平地學生電影節》, HK

Falling petals, flying snowflakes, fragments of memory… all are transient just like our dreams. Without thoughts, there need not be a concrete plot or captivating story to tell. Just as philosopher Zhuang Zi wrote – the fools think they are awake. Each scene and image exudes illusion and fantasy.


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To those who went and may come to see my video “Morning” at Fresh Wave 2017 寫給會去看我鮮浪潮的人 》
Ground Up Hong Kong Student Film Festival 平地學生電影節
Indie Roaring! 音獨吶喊!
Freshwave International Short Film Festival 鮮浪潮國際短片電影節
South Taiwan Film Festival 南方影展
FFIFA 福爾摩沙國際電影節
We Are From Fresh Wave 鮮浪潮.語


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